***UPDATE  (SEPT. 8th)***

An emergency airlift relief effort for the Bahamas has come to a close. There is now a shift towards long-term sustainable support and reconstruction. We are actively collecting supplies such as tar paper, shingles, lumber, plywood, tools, batteries,  gas,  and diesel. We are coordinating a ship to transport all of the heavier items (see drop off locations below)  Any monetary contribution will go towards the purchase of these items.

The following statistics reflect the overall emergency airlift effort, including ours:

  • 40 Missions
  • Pilots/aircraft participated ranging from the Cessna 182 to the KingAir 350
  • More than 50 Volunteers participated
  • 25,225 lbs of relief supplies have been sent to various islands. Cat, Eleuthera, Acklins.
  • Est. 5100 people received aid
  • 250 Hours flown by volunteer pilots
  • 315 Volunteer hours, ground support

This is all thanks to those who have donated. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity. We will continue to update you on our relief efforts. Stay tuned!

***UPDATE (SEPT. 3rd)***

September 2 we flew to Eleuthera, click here for the full story

Help Our Neighbors in the Aftermath of Irene

Our neighbors in the Bahamas were especially hit hard by Hurricane Irene. Specifically, the Out- islands, Cat Island, Auckland, Eleuthera and many others in the South experienced wind and flood damage.

We are conducting flights down to the hardest hit islands bringing supplies in our private M20J Mooney. We kindly and earnestly ask that you help us continue providing aid to our friends in the Islands through either a monetary contribution and/or building supplies. We are planning our next trip down to assist those in immediate need and guarantee 100% of your donation will go towards the purchase and delivery of much needed supplies to help those affected to get through this.

We will regularly update you on the status of our relief efforts as well as show you exactly where and how your money and supplies are used. To make a monetary donation, click the Paypal Icon at the upper right or click here.

Tarps & rope (for roofs)
5 gal. buckets (clean preferably)
Food (no prep: fruit cups, pop tops, etc.)
Candles + matches
Flashlights + batteries
Linens and Towels
Roofing nails

If you are able to donate any of the above
items and are local to either Sarasota, FL
or Fort Lauderdale please drop off supplies
at the addresses below:

Sarasota Yacht & Ship
1306 Main St.
Sarasota, FL 34236
9:00 am – 5pm, Monday-Friday

G&G Shipping
1300 Eller Dr.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
8:00a.m.-4:00p.m., Monday-Friday
10:00a.m-2:00p.m, Saturday

If you are able to donate tar paper, shingles, lumber, plywood, gas, diesel and/or other heavy items please contacts us to coordinate delivery as they will transported by ship rather than flown in.

We appreciate any contribution you can make to help us help our friends in the south who have welcomed us, and maybe you too, to their Island homes time and time again.



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