Eleuthera Trip

September 1st, started at 4am.  First we loaded up 4 generators that will run everything from chest freezers to power tools.  We also loaded 30 roofing tarps, hammers, first aid supplies, water containers, etc.  We stopped first at Fort Lauderdale Executive to coordinate with Bahamas Habitat for the best drop off location.

It was decided that we would head back to Governor’s Harbor.  As one of my favorite destinations in the Bahamas, I was anxious to see what had happened in the few days since my last trip over.  After unloading our stash with the local ground coordinator, we were offered a ride down to James Cistern or “JC” as it is known by the locals.  This area was hit very hard by the hurricane, but when I arrived I immediately noticed a change.  Although, of course there is still no electricity on the island, the roads are all cleared and much of the debris is piled for collection or burning.  Two crews were seen rummaging through the mangled overhead electric lines and I even noticed new poles going up.  What a change from a week ago!

Downtown Governors is slowly getting back to normal.  Downed poles and debris are still very prevalent, but things are shaping up.  After a few quick stops to chat with locals, we headed back to the airport.  The Irene-mangled airplane that had previously blocked the road was unceremoniously being cut up into smaller pieces for removal by the very sad looking Bahamian owner.  We had to stop and hear the story.  He had been detained on Treasure Cay where he is a police officer.  He was unable to leave the Island to retrieve his plane, due to the high sea conditions for the ferry.  He seemed heart-broken over his loss, but remarked, “I’ll try to get another one in a couple of years.”  Hey, it’s the Bahamian way!

This run was possible solely because of our generous donors. We are awaiting reports as to where we will make our next run. We are hoping to bring supplies to the southern-most islands that were hit the hardest. Again, we greatly appreciate any contribution you can make.  Stay tuned, we’ll have more to come….


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